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Permalink It’s really so freaky how much he reminds me of jay park.

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Permalink I truly believe that yugyeom is the diamond in the roughy of the current roster of jyp.

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Permalink No undershirt mark!

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Permalink I like jinyoung in this kinda photo shoot.

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Permalink GOT7 endorsing school uniforms
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Ha:tfelt’s mini is absolutely golden

I highly recommend it.

Fave: iron girl, wherever together, Peter Pan, nothing last forever.

Nothing last forever is really haunting. It has the least production i think but it was the song that gave me the most impact.


HA:TFELT [핫펠트(예은)] Mini Album “Me?” Album Spoiler - YouTube

Oh my god. I love what I’m hearing. I don’t know if Korea will be into this though. It sounds too western.


Girls day darling

Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed with this song. Ever since expectation, I’ve been keeping an eye for girls day. I mean I never thought i would love expectation, female president and something so much. But maybe the next comeback will be mind blowing as female president.


Infinite back comeback comment

Been out of the loop lately in kpop because of the personal things in my life. And in my return, let’s talk about my former most fave group.

Overall it’s alright. I mean not mind blowing as btd but good enough. But here’s my problem with infinite for the past few years. They just keep coming out with songs that are on borderline the same. I mean it’s nice to have a consistent sound that people will call your own but I wish that they would change it a bit. I know a lot of people will agree with me here. If they keep this up, fans will move on to more exciting groups. I do believe it’s happening now.

I’m not asking them to totally change, but just keep it interesting.