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Some EXO fans really want trouble and keep comparing GOT7 to EXO.

Wherever you see it, EXO will win. Because they debuted 2 years ago.

My question is, why are you comparing GOT7 to EXO? Why not SM Rookies? Are SM fans not confident that SM Rookies will beat GOT7?

Permalink ok. if you weren’t 16, something must have happen to you by now. Wow. this maknae is hot. He reminds me of Kim Hyun Joong. I think the smile. or just the cheek.
Permalink oh come on jyp. diamond tears?
Permalink this guy is adonis!

7명의 잘난 남자들! GOT7의 화려한 데뷔 무대 현장! | 와이드 연예뉴스

I hope someone can upload this to youtube. This is 45 minutes of pure GOT7. Or is it uploaded already? Please…………..

Permalink 140116 Mnet Countdown Debut
Junior is still as cute as a puppy.
Permalink 140116 Mnet Countdown
There’s a LOT in GOT7 who looks better than him but he just really have this charisma that will make you look at him.
Permalink 140116 Mnet Countdown Debut